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Since May 31, 1998, Baywalk Marketing has offered digital marketing for businesses and non-profit organizations.
For individuals and client organizations looking to work with Baywalk Marketing
Marketing includes setting agreed upon marketing goals with the customer, helping define a message and desired position for the client, creating ad campaigns with a series of print and digital ads for direct email, social media, and physical posters or banners if needed. We specialize in writing ad copy (ad text) and creating fun ads. Marketing campaigns can include creating and managing social media such as Facebook fan pages, Twitter feeds, Instagram pages, and more. We can design and create custom websites if needed.
Throughout the years, we have enjoyed a special commitment to the Greek American community. After working with several Greek American organizations and doing informal market research, we determined there was a need for more organized information. By working first hand with so many organizations, we have developed primary research from doing the promotion for many Greek North American organizations. Based on our primary research and select secondary data, we created services and proprietary lists that directly targets both the Greek American and Greek Canadian consumer.
We are both a digital ad agency that can create marketing campaigns, as well as publishers who can distribute advertisements to proprietary digital lists and social media, targeting the Greek American and Greek Canadian audience. We can provide either service or both as needed.
For marketing professionals and agencies looking to work with Baywalk Marketing
BTL (Below the line) sales promotion:
BTL sales promotion is an immediate or delayed incentive to purchase products / services, or attend events (buy tickets or rsvp). It is efficient and cost-effective for targeting a limited and specific group. It is more effective for our customers than the older commission based on a percentage of paid advertising (ATL channels). We typically focus on direct means of communication, most commonly direct e-mail and social media using highly targeted lists of names to maximize response rates. We work to promote recall of our clients' brands while at the same time differentiating from competitors as well as highlighting features of the product, service, or event. We are paid in advance of project work.
ATL (Above the line) sales promotion:
ATL sales promotion includes advertising through media such as radio or print. We will work with CBS and Pandora radio, and magazines including Sunset, All You, Cooking Light, Fortune, and Money — subject to ad inventory availability, insertion quantity, and other variables.
We look forward to helping you and your creative team reach the Greek American and Greek Canadian segments.

Our principal Dean Tripodes is an active University of Phoenix Marketing Faculty since March 2, 2006