Baywalk Marketing - Baywalk Top 2018 Ads

Baywalk creates, communicates, and delivers value for small business and non-profit clients. Our principal Dean Tripodes, MBA — teaches graduate and undergraduate marketing at the University of Phoenix's southern California campuses.

Number 1 - Faith, Hope & Love Movie Premiere

Number 2 - Branzino European Bass at Cameron's

Number 3 - Calling all Campers

Number 4 - Elena Palaga at SJC Greek Fest

Number 5 - Kosmos Insurance takes care of your family

Number 6 - Loan Humor - Trade Show theme

Number 7 - HAMDS scholarship recipients

Number 8 - Alzheimers Project
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Number 9 - OC Greek Fest Carnival Rides

Number 10 - Fridays are for Cameron's

Number 11 - Calling all Boy Counselors

Number 12 - OC Greek Fest Diples Awareness Month
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